Stubborn Fat: Why Do Some Bulges Resists Diet & Exercise?

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stubborn fat

Stubborn fat deposits can affect everyone, even those who regularly exercise and follow a strict diet regimen. The weight loss industry would like us all to believe that it’s a simple equation – calories in vs. calories out. However, modern science has learned a great deal about the human body and discovered when it comes to fat cells, the body is a complex chemistry lab with varying factors determining how many fat cells a body has and where they are stored.

Some of the factors are genetics, hormones, and gender, all of which are out of a person’s control. Find out more behind the physiology of fat cells, why some problem areas seem impossible to change, and how to effectively reduce these stubborn fat deposits with non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting.

What is Stubborn Fat?

Fat cells have two receptors that inform the cell on what it is supposed to do with the fat it stores. Alpha-2 receptors tell the cell to simply store the fat for future use. Beta-2 receptors tell the cell to release the fat into the bloodstream for energy. While every fat cell has both of these receptors, there are more of one than the other in each cell. Stubborn fat deposits, or problem areas, have more fat cells with Alpha-2 receptors telling the cells to hold on to the fat. While in comparison, fat cells with more Beta-2 receptors will respond very effectively to a healthy diet and working out, by releasing their fat for use immediately.

The Biology of Body Fat

The number of fat cells in a body and where they are distributed is fixed once an individual reaches adulthood. Lifestyle can definitely influence how much fat is stored in these cells, but cannot change how many or where they are placed. For women, most fat cells are deposited in the lower half of the body such as thighs, buttocks, and hips. Men, on the other hand, find more stubborn fat deposits on the chest area, chin, and belly.

Bulges like belly fat, love handles, and double chins are commonly referred to as problem areas for good reason. No matter how much exercise an individual does, or how healthy a person eats, these bulges persist. This is due to many of the fat cells in these areas being programmed by Alpha-2 receptors. This means these fat cells are designed to hold on to the fat.

Fat Reduction Options for Stubborn Bulges

Fortunately, there are safe and effective fat reduction treatments. Liposuction and CoolSculpting are the most popular procedures for individuals wanting to reduce their problem areas. These treatments work by removing the fat cell from the body completely. These are not weight-loss procedures that shrink fat cells. These are fat reduction treatments that actually remove fat cells from the body. Once processed out of the body those fat cells are gone for good. The body does not replace them and they cannot grow back.

Find out if non-invasive fat reduction is an ideal solution for your stubborn bulges. Schedule a complimentary consultation with The Medspa by contacting them online or calling (860) 206-8191.



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