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Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting at The Medspa West Hartford, CT

You may work hard with diet and exercise but still struggle with pockets of stubborn fat that get in the way of the sculpted, toned body of your dreams. Losing weight can help you stay healthy, but it doesn’t always lead to the body contours that you want to achieve. There are some great procedures for non surgical fat reduction from the stomach  that can help you get the look you desire. The most popular fat reduction treatment is CoolSculpting. This non-invasive, fat removal without surgery procedure can target pockets of stubborn fat to specifically reduce those unwanted areas.

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Non-Invasive Fat Removal

Every person has a certain number of fat cells in the body. This number is determined when you are a child. Even when your weight changes, the number of total fat cells in your body does not. If you gain weight, your fat cells expand and get bigger, causing changes in your body size. If you lose weight, those same fat cells shrink in size; they do not, however, disappear. This is one reason why a slender person may still want fat reduction. Areas of stubborn fat persist despite your exercise routine and healthy lifestyle. CoolSculpting can actually reduce the number of fat cells in your body, all in a non-invasive procedure. It may seem similar to liposuction, but CoolSculpting is fat removal without surgery.

Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting uses the power of cold temperatures, a technology known as cryolipolysis. The best non invasive fat removal targets fat cells in specific areas, freezing them and allowing them to be eliminated completely from the body. In any area where you use CoolSculpting, you can see up to 20-25% fat reduction.1

With CoolSculpting, you target specific areas of concern for non surgical fat removal from stomach regions, “double chin,” the bra area, inner thighs, flanks, or upper arms. This procedure is FDA-approved for nine separate areas of the body for reducing and eliminating the appearance of unwanted fat.

Non-Invasive Fat Removal

You want an effective body contouring option that helps you make the most of your appearance. If you are an active, healthy adult who struggles with pockets of diet and exercise resistant fat, you may be a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Several surgical options can also help people to contour their bodies and target specific problem areas, but you may be looking for a non-invasive option. You may want to save on the fat removal surgery cost and avoid a longer recovery period. Your CoolSculpting provider can advise you on the CoolSculpting cost and options for financing your treatments when you set up a free initial consultation.

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Each CoolSculpting treatment will take around 35 minutes per session, and the fat freezing technology will continue to work after you leave the office. The full effects of your procedure will become visible in two to four months after you complete this non-invasive treatment. To get started reducing your areas of unwanted fat, contact The Medspa West Hartford. Call us at 860-272-6245 or use our easy online form to set up your free initial CoolSculpting consultation today.



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