How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

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How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Millions worldwide get fat reduction treatments because of how easy they are now. Advanced technology allows people to get slimmer and more sculpted without surgery. Why work out for hours at the gym when you can shape your body into your dream figure?

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are crucial for good health. However, these will only go so far when shedding fat. The good news is that numerous fat reduction solutions are on the market today. Which is best? Where do I go? Continue reading to discover how to get rid of lower belly fat using non-invasive CoolSculpting.

Lower Belly Fat Causes

An unhealthy diet and not exercising enough can surely cause lower belly fat. But there are other causes that we cannot control. For example, age, gender, and hormones can impact where and how the body stores fat. In addition, since everyone’s bodies are unique, each person’s fat distribution looks different.

You can eat the most nutritious foods and go to the gym daily but still have lower belly fat. And this is totally normal! Men tend to store fat in the chest and stomach area as their testosterone levels decline with age. Women usually collect fat in the thighs and hips as their hormones prepare them for childbearing.

With so many variables and causes of lower belly fat, eliminating it can be challenging just by staying active and eating right.

Understanding Lower Belly Fat

Our bodies hold many types of fat cells with different characteristics and functions. Some fat cells burn off easily as long as you are healthy. Others, though, are more rigid and hard to get rid of. Stubborn bulges around the stomach are more challenging to eliminate naturally with lifestyle changes. So, people turn to fat-freezing treatments such as CoolSculpting. This is a non-surgical procedure that freezes off excess fat on the body. The best part is that it only takes about one hour to complete. Busy bees can return to work after their treatments.

You can achieve your dream physique without hassle with the right body contouring procedure. First, of course, you should maintain a well-rounded diet and exercise for 30 minutes daily—Fat-freezing, followed by a healthy lifestyle, yields incredible, long-lasting results.

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Where to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat | West Hartford, CT

Now that you know the fundamentals of lower belly fat, it may seem easy enough to banish it. But who should you trust to get fat-freezing treatments? Finding a reputable medical spa to help you achieve your dream body can be daunting. But The Medspa MD has helped residents in West Hartford, CT, shed fat and sculpt their bodies. Our skilled staff will make a custom treatment plan to ensure stunning results for you.

Contact our spa at 860-272-6245 to book a free consultation today. Discover the various fat reduction options and find out which is best for you and your aesthetic goals.


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