Does CoolSculpting Work? The Proof for the Fat-freezing Technique

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Does CoolSculpting work

With all the buzz about freezing fat, many people wonder does CoolSculpting work? Yes it does! CoolSculpting’s effectiveness is proven in multiple venues – medical journals, before and after pics, and customer reviews alike speak to its ability to safely reduce fat.

What is CoolSculpting?

There’s no non-invasive fat reduction procedure more popular than CoolSculpting. Millions have experienced the change that CoolSculpting offers. Customer reviews agree that it is an effective non-surgical alternative to liposuction. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells with the aid of precise cooling technology. The results aren’t instantaneous like liposuction – instead, over the course of weeks, the bulge slowly fades, producing results that look natural.

Scientific studies have also found that CoolSculpting’s results are long-lasting.¹ The initial procedure is short and virtually painless, There’s no period of recovery required like there is in surgical fat reduction procedures. Many potential CoolSculpting patients are initially doubtful regarding these claims. How does CoolSculpting work to accomplish so much with so few downsides?

What is CoolSculpting?

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How Does CoolSculpting work? Science. CoolSculpting provokes a cellular reaction called cryolipolysis, or cold-induced cell death. It’s a known fact that fat cells freeze at a warmer temperature than skin and tissue cells. The secret to CoolSculpting is treating undesired bulges with cooling technology that freezes and ruptures subcutaneous fat, but the temperature remains warm enough that the skin and tissue. Once ruptured by the cold, fat cells die off.

Ruptured cells don’t stick around in the body; the lymphatic system will slowly cycle dead cells out of the body as waste in the next few months. After the fat has been cycled out, clients are left with a slimmer, natural-looking appearance that lasts. The skin is never broken in a CoolSculpting procedure, and nothing stops clients from leaving the spa and continuing with their day since there is no bed rest or recovery necessary.²

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When looking for proof to answer your question ‘does CoolSculpting work’ there are many resources to consider.

Multiple outside sources agree that CoolSculpting reliably produces these stunning results. Scientific reviews that have focused on CoolSculpting support these claims, while CoolSculpting before and after pictures give visual proof for the technique’s effectiveness. CoolSculpting’s popularity is earned.

CoolSculpting Reviews in Scientific Literature

The medical community researched cryolipolysis in a clinical setting to discover whether CoolSculpting is as safe and effective as its claims to be. These findings were written up in “Safety, Tolerance, and Patient Satisfaction with Non-invasive Cryolipolysis” and then published by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. It found CoolSculpting is “well tolerated, with 89% of respondents reporting a positive perception of treatment duration and 96% reporting minimal to tolerable discomfort […] 82% of patients would recommend the cryolipolysis procedure to a friend. Caliper measurements demonstrated [a] 23% reduction in fat layer […] with 86% of subjects showing improvement per investigator assessment.”² The conclusion of the study argued that CoolSculpting had a clear, demonstrable, and large impact on the fat of patients.

CoolSculpting Before and After Images*

It is one thing to believe these claims, and another to see it with your own eyes. CoolSculpting before and after images demonstrate the sort of results that CoolSculpting is capable of achieving. Individual results vary, as with any cosmetic treatment, but these pictures are of real CoolSculpting clients.*



It’s always worth it to research into the truth of medical procedures before pursuing them. With that done, the next step to contouring your body with a CoolSculpting treatment is to schedule a complimentary consultation with The Medspa at West Hartford. During these consultations, the first thing is determining whether CoolSculpting is the right tool for achieving your body goals. If it is a good choice, we discuss all other details, like procedures costs and what clients can expect from the procedure and after the procedure. Contact The Medspa today at online or by calling (860) 206-8191.


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¹ Long-term efficacy follow-up on two cryolipolysis case studies: 6 and 9 years post-treatment

² Safety, Tolerance, and patient Satisfaction with Non-invasive Cryolipolysis

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