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The Medspa is proud to introduce CoolTone: the next generation of non-surgical body contouring. Developed by the makers of CoolSculpting –the renowned fat freezing treatment– CoolTone contours the portion of body composition that fat reduction treatments miss: the muscles. This FDA cleared treatment employs advanced technology to induce super powerful contractions in major muscle groups.  Professionals and patients alike hail CoolTone as truly transformative, resulting in a washboard stomach, strong sculpted thighs, and firmly lifted buttocks.

Build, develop, and define your abdominals, glutes, and quads, for a strong, sculpted physique. Get started by scheduling a complimentary consultation with the body contouring experts at The Medspa, the premier CoolTone provider in West Hartford, CT. Contact The Medspa by filling out the online form or calling (860) 206-8191 today.


  • Sculpt abs + Strengthen your core
  • Lift and tone the buttocks
  • Strengthen and firm thighs + quads
  • Painless treatment + no downtime
  • FDA cleared +clinically proven
  • Muscle contractions metabolize nearby fat cells
  • Treatments from top body contouring spa

CoolTone Before and After Effect*

cooltone treatment real patient results at the medspa in west hartford
cooltone bodybuilding treatment at the medspa in west hartford
cooltone before and after results at the medspa in west hartford
cooltone treatment before and after pics at the medspa west hartford

To see the transformative effect of this bodybuilding treatment, look no further than CoolTone before and after images. As with any cosmetic procedure, results may vary.* Nevertheless, real patients and real patient results are showcased in these CoolTone before and after pics. The physical transformation on display underscores the importance of choosing a skilled professional to perform this technique sensitive procedure.


Cool Tone follows the same principle of traditional strength training: stimulating contractions to build, strengthen, and tone the muscle tissue. Employing patented electromagnetic technology, energy safely passes through the skin and penetrates the underlying tissue. The current stimulates the muscle to contract at a rate that is impossible to manually duplicate. Known as supramaximal contractions, Cool Tone works the muscles on a super human level. Nicknamed “superman’s ab workout,” a single treatment induces more than 20,000 intense contractions. Results typically appear within weeks.*

As an extra bonus to muscle development, supramaximal contractions metabolize nearby fat cells to fuel the intense workout. Fat reduction, paired with the development of musculature, sculpts and chisels the body, unlike any other body contouring option.

While each patient’s experience may vary, most opt for four separate Cool Tone treatments, spaced two to three days apart.*


Every treatment is curated to the specific needs and goals of the patient. Therefore, CoolTone cost varies. Pricing factors include the specific treatment area, the prescribed number of sessions, and discounts from CoolTone specials or package pricing.

During your complimentary consultation from The Medspa, a detailed breakdown of CoolTone prices and our professional evaluation of your goals and circumstances will help you determine if this body contouring treatment is right for you. If so, you will receive a personalized treatment protocol. Your plan will be curated to both your goals and budget.


Cool Tone induces your body’s natural muscle-building mechanisms. Therefore, individual experiences may vary.* immediately following the treatment, patients may experience muscle soreness for one to two days. This soreness is similar to the sensation felt after an intense workout. Muscular enhancement typically appears within a few weeks of your treatment. Continual improvement may be seen for up to 6 months.*

No Cool Tone side effects have been reported in any clinical study of the new body contouring treatment.¹


This groundbreaking advancement of non-invasive body contouring is scientifically validated by CoolTone reviews found in academic literature. One such review, the “Safety, and efficacy of a novel high‐intensity focused electromagnetic technology device for noninvasive abdominal body shaping,” found “About 91% of patients reported their abdominal appearance improved and 92% stated they are satisfied with treatment results at month 3.”²

Another review of body shaping using electromagnetic energy, presented at the 39th Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery (ASLMS,) ⁴ demonstrated a 19% increase in muscle thickness at three months after treatment.


As Connecticut’s leading CoolSculpting provider, The Medspa offers unparalleled knowledge and proficiency in the area of non-invasive body contouring.

Like most cosmetic treatments, body-contouring is a technique sensitive procedure. That is why discerning patients prioritize the experience and reputation of The Medspa. It is also why Allergan, the makers of the CoolSculpting treatment choose The Medspa to be among 500 medical spas in the country chosen to usher in this industry-changing treatment.

As Connecticut’s leading CoolSculpting provider, The Medspa is proud to be one of the state’s select few medical spas to offer the new body-building treatment and the first provider of CoolTone in West Hartford.  For the best experience and optimal results, come indulge in the luxury of The Medspa.


Claim the confidence that accompanies a strong sculpted physique. Get started today by scheduling a complimentary consultation with the experts at The Medspa. Fill out the online form below or call (860) 206-8191.

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