CoolSculpting Treatments | Learn about Fat Freezing

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CoolSculpting Treatments | Learn about Fat Freezing

CoolSculpting treatments are a body contouring procedure using Cryolipolysis to freeze and reduce stubborn fat. Treatment areas include problem zones like the inner and outer thighs, belly fat, back fat, and more. This popular treatment provides clients with a natural, long-lasting fat reduction. Learn more about CoolSculpting treatment and determine if this procedure is right for you.

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CoolSculpting Treatment Before and After*

CoolSculpting treatment before and after pictures show the impressive fat reduction possible with this technology. In each image, individuals achieve a noticeable fat reduction in their treatment area. As with any body contouring treatment, results may vary.* However, when treatments are done by a licensed professional, they result in noticeable fat reduction.

How Do CoolSculpting Treatments Work?

A CoolSculpting treatment eliminates fat cells by damaging their cell membrane. During a cooling session, a technician uses an applicator on the target area. The applicator emits the advanced cooling technology, or Cryolipolysis, and “freezes” the subcutaneous fat cells below. Once the fat cell’s membrane is damaged, it can no longer store fat, causing it to die. This triggers the cells to be collected by a natural immune response and processes them out of the body as waste. After eight to 12 weeks, the fat reduction is visible. Best of all, CoolSculpting treatments yield lasting results.

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CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

Equipped with the newest line of CoolSculpting applicators, The Medspa MD can reduce fat from nearly any area of the body. Starting at the top, CoolSculpting reduces submental fullness. At the bottom, treatments tackle stubborn knee fat. In between, CoolSculpting eliminates stubborn belly fat, love handles, hips, inner and outer thighs, back fat, armpit fat, upper arm fat, and more.

To learn more about CoolSculpting treatment areas, schedule a FREE consultation with an expert treatment specialist. Our specialists evaluate your body during your visit and determine if a CoolSculpting treatment can eliminate your troublesome fat.

How Much Does Cool Sculpting Cost?

Cool Sculpting cost is a concern for anyone trying to determine if the fat reduction treatment is right for them. Prices depend on individual treatment parameters unique to each individual. Elements that influence Cool sculpting cost include the applicators used during treatment, the size and shape of applicators, the number of cycles needed to achieve the desired amount of fat reduction. In addition, specific discounts and specials may be available for certain people and can help cut down the cost of treatment.

CoolSculpting Treatment Near Me

It is important to remember that CoolSculpting treatments are skill-sensitive. Therefore, to get transformative results, you must receive treatment from a licensed professional. This is why men and women living in West Hartford, CT choose The Medspa MD to perform their CoolSculpting treatment. Call us at 860-272-6245 to schedule your free consultation to learn how CoolSculpting treatments can alter your physique and provide remarkable fat reduction.



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