CoolSculpting Neck Fat | Freeze away double chins and jowls

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CoolSculpting Neck Fat | Freeze away double chins and jowls

CoolSculpting neck fat helps treat fat accumulation around the face area that can be very difficult to get rid of. Learn more about this revolutionary way to reduce double chins and jowls with surgery and little to no downtime.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

This innovative approach to fat reduction works by using an applicator to target fat cells beneath the skin, bring them to below-freezing temperatures. The fat cells die after being exposed to these temperatures. The body naturally purges the cells as waste, resulting in reduced fat deposits that have accumulated on the chin or jaws or any other specific areas treated. It is impossible for the cells to regrow after leaving the body, resulting in a long-lasting reduction of fat. 1

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Treatment Areas for CoolSculpting

Initially, the FDA cleared the process to remove fatty accumulations on the stomach and on the sides of the waists. Following the huge success of this initial process, the CoolSculpting creators developed more applicators to help reduce stubborn fat on other body parts that are especially difficult to treat, such as the jaw and chin. The CoolMini is one such innovative addition to this collection of devices; it was created specifically for the treatment of submental fullness, often known as jowls or double chin.

Freeze Away Double Chins and Jowls

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Submental Fullness Causes

People who dislike the bulging fat deposits around the neck, jaws, and chin are likely to find CoolSculpting a practical option. Submental fullness makes it difficult for some people to lose weight simply because the unwanted fats on around the face does not respond to traditional treatments such as being exercise or eating well. For such people, weight gain is mainly caused by uncontrollable factors like genetics and age.

Freezing fat is safe and effective as scientific studies have shown. Before CoolSculpting became available, individuals who wanted to treat stubborn fat had limited options, most of which were invasive and resulted in downtime. The CoolMini device offers a smart solution to stubborn fat deposits in small areas like the chin and jaw without having to undergo an operation or stitches.

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CoolSculpting is a safe procedure for reducing stubborn fat on targeted body parts, giving an individual the ideal image. Patients who have undergone the procedure have reported the following:

  • Visible fat reduction up to 20% after just one CoolSculpting neck fat treatment
  • Up to 83% of CoolSculpting patients happy with the results
  • Majority of patients (7 of 10) reported the procedure as comfortable and painless
  • Majority of patients (8 of 10) willing to advise a friend to try CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Neck Fat in Connecticut

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