CoolSculpting Arms for the Reduction of Upper Arm Fat

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CoolSculpting Arms for the Reduction of Upper Arm Fat

CoolSculpting arms are an effective procedure for treating upper arm fat with no surgery or downtime. In 2017 ZELTIQ, the creators of CoolSculpting introduced a new applicator called the CoolPetite. This smaller handheld applicator is intentionally designed to access smaller, hard to reach fat areas, making it perfect for treating stubborn upper arm fat. Read more to learn about what causes upper arm fat and how CoolSculpting arms is a good non-invasive, solution for treating frustrating upper arm fat.

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Upper Arm Fat: What Causes It?

In adult women, there are three specific areas that are often referred to as the fat deposit trifecta: thighs, hips, and the upper arm area. Many factors cause the female body to store more fat in these areas, such as genetics, age, and hormonal changes. Because of the specific genetic makeup of these fatty areas, they are especially difficult to treat with diet changes and exercise. Many women who have had trouble with these problem areas are choosing CoolSculpting arms to freeze away upper arm fat as an alternative to liposuction.

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CoolSculpting Arms Using the CoolPetite

The CoolPetite is the latest in a new line of applicators from CoolSculpting: The CoolAdvantage collection. New and improved designs give these applicators access to harder-to-reach treatment areas, less discomfort for the patient, and treatment times of just 35 minutes.

President and CEO of ZELTIQ Mark Foley said of the new device, “After 5 years of research and millions of dollars invested in development, we are proud to be the only non-invasive fat reduction technology that is FDA-cleared to treat the upper arms, the third greatest area of concern for consumers.”

Additionally, Jean Carruthers, a leading investigator for the CoolAdvantage Petite applicator explains, “The upper arm, with its delicate structures, is one of the most challenging areas for fat reduction.”  Carruthers, who led the research, says he personally “attest[s] to the fact that the upper arms responded beautifully and my study patients are delighted by their results.”

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 The Science of CoolSculpting Arms

The long-term results and safety of using CoolSculpting arms to treat upper arm fat are shown in a 2017 peer-reviewed article from the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery titled “Cryolipolysis for Reduction of Arm Fat.” The study reported that among 30 female subjects treated for upper arm fat, CoolSculpting arms resulted in dramatic results, with 85% of the participants having dramatic reductions in upper arm fat. The researchers ultimately concluded, “This data suggests that [CoolSculpting arms] provide rapid, safe, and effective arm treatment.”

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