Cold Sculpt | Freeze Away Stubborn Fat Cells

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Cold Sculpt | Freeze Away Stubborn Fat Cells

Cold Sculpt, also known as CoolSculpting, is the perfect way to reduce those stubborn fat bulges without the need for invasive surgery. This fat freezing treatment targets the fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. It exposes them to an extreme cold that essentially freezes them to death. This treatment is entirely safe and effective with natural and long-lasting results you will love!

Why Millions ColdSculpt with CoolSculpting

  • A non-surgical alternative to invasive surgery
  • Long-lasting, natural results
  • Sculpt attractive curves
  • Scientifically proven safe and effective
  • No down time required
  • Quick, easy 35-minute treatments
  • #1 fat reduction treatment

How Does Cold Sculpt Work?

To understand how cold sculpting works, you must first imagine a few different scenarios. First, imagine placing two bowls into the refrigerator. One bowl has melted butter, and the other bowl is just water. When exposed to cold temperatures, the melted butter will turn into a solid, whereas the water simply becomes colder and does not change from a liquid to a solid, unlike the butter. This process illustrates how water can withhold extreme cold temperatures.

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When you apply this same theory to freezing fat cells, you can understand the procedure better. When a stubborn bulge of fat is cold sculpted, the skin will easily withstand the colder temperature while the fat cells will freeze. Once they are frozen, the fat cells can no longer perform so they will die. ColdSculpting gives you natural, long-lasting results because once the fat cell dies, it will process out of the body as waste, never to regrow or expand.

Cold Sculpt for Long Term Fat Reduction

Fat reduction treatment, such as CoolSculpting or invasive liposuction, should never be confused with weight loss treatments. During weight loss, fat cells will release the fat they store inside the cell. The cell is never damaged; it just merely shrinks. If the person who is losing weight happens to slip up on their diet or abandons exercise, the fat cells will start to expand once again, and slowly the person will gain the weight back.

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However, with fat reduction treatment like ColdSculpting, you are destroying the fat cells entirely. The cell will be eliminated from the body. After a fat reduction treatment, the fat cells cannot grow back. The cells are gone for good. You are radically reducing the number of fat cells in your body, helping you achieve long-lasting results, unlike with regular weight loss.

Cold Sculpt Yourself Skinny

Please do not waste your time with shrinking fat cells when you can eliminate them for good with CoolSculpting! To learn more about this fat reduction treatment, contact The Medspa MD. We are a premier Cold Sculpt provider in West Hartford, CT. Our expert technicians can help determine if you are the perfect candidate for this treatment by scheduling a complimentary consultation. Call 860-272-6245 to schedule yours today.



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